Friday, 12 June 2009

Undiscovered Artist - NicksHippieGlass

I've made a lot more paper pulp today, the termite hill is starting to take shape but I have some concerns about how long it is going to take to dry - anybody with ideas on how I can speed the drying process up please let me know.  

I've also been trying to put a cloak together that I started making a couple of years ago but it just keeps going wrong, partly because the instructions are so terrible, it is most frustrating.  I need to recut one bit but I've run out of large enough bits of fabric so I either need to try and buy some more (though I bought the last lot in London two years ago so goodness knows if I can get any here) or patch the scraps together, which I think will look too obvious and messy.

Now the boring stuff about me is out of the way, how about we have a look at an undiscovered artist.

Nick of NicksHippieGlass sells some beautiful and unique glass pendants.  His main line is in the most adorable little mushrooms suspended in glass teardrops.  Who can resist a bunch of cute little mushrooms?!

Nick not only sells these cute little 'shrooms but also makes stunning dichroic pendants such as this celtic knot pendant, which is my personal favourite item from Nick's store.

Go check out Nick's store and his  lovely handmade hippie items.


  1. Great feature! I never encountered this shop and I spend lots of time on Etsy - thanks for sharing.
    By the way, do you think those mushrooms are edible? :) :)

  2. sadly I don't think they are edible, TIASglass, but I just find tiny mushrooms so adorable.


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