Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Let the voting begin!

I've been away visiting friends for a couple of days so sorry for not sorting out the photography challenge sooner. Okay so here we go with the photography challenge entries. I've left out the entrants' details in the interests of fairness. I also really have issues with fancy titles for photographs so any titles have been replaced by a number (sorry guys) to even the playing field.

The rules for voting are as follows:
Please vote once for your favourite image (entrants please don't vote for your image).
You are welcome (indeed encouraged) to advertise the voting on your blog.
Voting will close on the 1st of July.
The winner will receive a feature and something nice and handmade that I haven't decided what it is yet.


I will launch a new photography challenge tomorrow so you can all start thinking about something to enter.


  1. Wow, what an amazing post. I love all of your photos. I have some of my own kids but have never published them. You have a real talent in photo manipulation.

    totally well done :)

  2. These aren't my photographs, Lynne, but I'm glad you like them anyway. Make sure you vote for your favourite!

  3. Hi! Lovely photos. My favorite is #2 because of the cuteness of the small hand with the big hand.

  4. thanks for taking a look Christina - make sure you vote for your favourite on the poll.

  5. #3...I can't resist baby feet. This is adorable!

  6. #3 is the bestest baby ever....but I'm biased because she is mine:) My sister is the amazing photographer that we are blessed to have in the family.

  7. #3 is the best picture up there. And I'm not just saying that because Kelli told me to.

  8. My vote is for #3. Can't ever resist a chubby baby!


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