Friday, 5 June 2009

. . . It's Friday I'm in love

Although I'm not sure what I'm in love with, my new bookcase is pretty high up the list though.  I can't photograph it for you all yet though because I had to make it up in our hallway and it's too narrow for me to get a shot.  I really enjoyed painting it so I'm now looking for a chest of drawers or a cupboard on freecycle that I can sand down and repaint to match.

I had a friend staying last night, hence the short post but I hope you all liked the otters, they are probably my favourite of all the thousands of photographs I've ever taken.

Here are some very rough preliminary greyhound sketches for you to get a sneek peek of that little project. As I think I mentioned before I'm having some trouble with getting the heads right but I imagine I'll get something more or less right in the end (unless I get really annoyed with it and have to give up first).  

Tomorrow: Undiscovered Artist Feature.

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  1. hi the greyhound rough as they are, they still show the heart and soul of those beautiful,soulful i'm curious about the project!


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