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Undiscovered Artist - The Little Fox

Today is far too hot, I'm beginning to have concerns about keeping the cresties cool enough if it gets any hotter. The heat always makes me very tired, especially as it tends to stop me sleeping - give me a nice snowy day any time! Not much going on on the art front at the moment as I'm planning a party for my 21st birthday on Saturday which I'm sure is more stress than it's worth!

Remember to get your votes in for the photographic challenge. Also we only have one entry so far for the next challenge 'Hidden' so be sure to get your entries in too!

Please, please could you all go over to Pets Jubilee Furbabies and vote for little Ghost in their monthly contest (scroll down, he is 14) as he is seriously unloved at the moment and nobody wants a sad gecko on their hands, he promises to love you forever with his cold little heart if you do!

We haven't had an undiscovered artist for a while (mostly because I've been a bit rubbish and neglected the blog) so we have
thelittlefox who paints beautiful, sometimes dark paintings and makes little dolls of her characters. She is very new to Etsy but I'm sure she will be very successful with such lovely items. She even added some fun new questions to her interview so make sure to give it a good read!

How long have you been an etsy seller?

I am still very new at this, as I listed my first item this May.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I grew up as an only child, and since both my parents worked pretty long hours, and very often brought work back home, I guess I became adept to using my imagination a lot and always fabricating quirky little scenarios in my head. I started painting very early during my childhood, and I especially loved (and still do) Andersen's tales and Carroll's Alice books.

I enjoy painting girls of unspecified age, that look girly and serious at the same time. I was always fascinated with what may be hiding behind a phenomenally simple expression, what story might that person tell if he/she was given the chance...I like making up quirky scenarios about their life, but in the end it's always them that make me go one way or another.

My influences consist mostly of graphic novel artists, such as Michael Zulli, Simon Bisley, and John Bolton in particular.Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Series, (actually anything by the man is inspiring), Blythe dolls, Tim Burton's movies, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Lewis Carroll's and Andersen's book, the Grimm Brothers. Anything sweet and enigmatic at the same time. But really, if an image swims around my head for days, the inspiration for it could be anything...sometimes it's a dream I just had and that's why I always keep a sketchbook by my bed!"

How much time do you put into your shop on average weekly?

I try to paint everyday, and sew a doll a week ( If I can squeeze it in! )...

What's your favorite item you're selling at the moment?

Oh, that is a tough one... I love this one, which was my first commision on Etsy,

and this is my dream home...

Tell us about your most enjoyable experience with a customer.

A couple of days ago, a lovely (and very cool) 13-to-be year old girl commisioned me to do a painting for her birthday. The theme evolved around the Cinderella story, but she wanted it done in a slightly punk way. She was very open to ideas and suggestions, and allowed me plenty of freedom as an artist, which I find most important. And best of all, she loved the outcome!!

Tell us about three other etsy shops you love and why.

Simbiosis by Julia - I adore her pouches!

LillaLotta - perhaps the most beautiful ribbons I have laid my eyes upon

We've Got Paper - cuteness ahoy!

Pets? Family? Tell us about them.

I live with a lovely Siamese that is pictured in this painting, as well as my lovely boyfriend (or boy-hedgehog, as I call him), who doesn't whine when I stay up late because I 'just have to get this on canvas'...

If you could have lunch with and pick the brain of any artist living or dead, who would you choose and why?

ooh...Salvador Dali. I have always wanted to ask him if his lifetime seemed to him as lucid as his famous melting clocks...

What other interests do you have?

I work as an architect and interior designer.

Is there anything you think we should know?

-I have 3 degrees in Architecture, History of Art and Interior Design.

-My favourite thing to do as a child was to draw my own graphic novels ( which my mom still keeps somewhere...lol)

-I still own my very first plush toy. It was a gift from my dad the day I was born, and although it lost its nose and tongue many-a-years ago, I still can't find anything as adorable as him. I named him The Sad One when I was 3.

-My list of favourite (famous) people include Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, Alan Rickman, and Robert Plant.

She also has a great blog: One Little Fox

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  1. I'm loving the "You Swept Me off My Feet" print! Sigh, such a romantic :)


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