Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saturday Wait!

Today we have Undiscovered Artist, Alyce of Fabric Greetings who makes beautiful cards using fabric (it's kind of in the name isn't it).  As somebody who has been making cards for many many years, there's not too much in the card making sphere of life that is totally new and original to me but Alyce has some really refreshingly unique cards for all occasions.  She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me to share with you all.

How long have you been an etsy seller?
I signed up for etsy in February and then panicked at thought of using the computer for this venture. So it took me until mid-March to convince this old dog she could learn a few new tricks. But my hubby and adult daughter kept urging me on, so here I am. Still learning, but more at ease everyday.

How do you get your inspiration?
I find that my inspiration comes from a variety of places. A piece of fabric catches my eye and I'm off. Case in point - I saw the bra fabric I use in my breast cancer awareness cards at a quilt show and just had to have some. A year later when I was trying to come up with a unique fundraiser for my Relay for Life contribution, I remembered the bra fabric and a light bulb went off. Sometimes it is an occasion that trips an inspirational spurt. 

How long do you spend working on your shop in the average week?
I generally sew two to three hours a day. If inspiration is really coming, I can spend an entire day in the studio. My other off line business is making OOAK clothing for the 18" dolls. Computer time takes longer simply because I generally hit the wrong button and have to start all over. I do spend time in the forums every day as that is a great learning experience. 

Are there any shops that you can't go a day without stalking?
I can't say that I am a "stalker" of any shop at this point. I am trying to check out as many of them as possible to familiarize myself with the variety being offered here. And I am totally awed by the talent that is showcased on this site.

What your favourite item in your shop at the moment?
I guess that everyone has a favorite item in their shop. Mine happened to be a card with an Emily Dickinson quotation. It just recently sold. So I guess my next favorite is the one dealing with age being important only if you are cheese!

Pets? Family? Tell us about those?
I am a former school teacher who stopped teaching 38 years ago and became a stay at home Mom. Our daughter is a school librarian working on her second Master's degree to become an Archivist. She was just awarded a summer internship at the Biltmore Estate. So we will have a place to explore when we visit her. Hubby is retired from power company. We've been married almost 43 years. Met in high school, married after college.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Alyce
My typical day starts by 6 AM. I am a morning person. I generally walk 2-4 miles before I start my day. If I am not attending a meeting or teaching at the quilt shop, I am sewing or puttering in the studio. I do love to bake and do that on a regular basis. Anything fabric interests me. I piece "quilty" things, but turn tops over to a longarm quilter to be quilted. I read when I want to really relax - nothing that requires much thought. And if there is a chance to travel, I am all for it as long as my sewing machine is in the car.


  1. Love Alyce's Bovine Ballerina too cute for words!

  2. Super feature, love the cards. Xx

  3. Great interview, you are doing well on the PC. Go Girl!!


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