Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday's Grey . . .

. . . actually it's not grey at all, it's been extremely sunny but I feel I have a thing going with titles.  I've spent most of the day outside painting my bookcase hence the late post.  Painting furniture outside is great, no mess inside to worry about, nice hot weather to dry it quickly, less paint smell indoors; two BIG problems though bugs and grass, which no matter how hard I tried kept getting stuck in the paint.  It wouldn't be a big problem if I wasn't such a perfectionist about stuff like this. 

I've also been up to some more artistic painting.

Remember the little cat sketch? Well here he is on canvas.  I'm thinking of giving him orange stripes and turning him into a tabby but I'm not particularly confident in my ability to pull that off.  The other half of the canvas is blank because my boyfriend is going to put something in there as it is to be a gift for a mutual friend. 

This one I started over a year ago just for fun but I've now finished it and it turned up way better than expected considering I'd never really used acrylics before.  I can't work out if I love them or hate them but I'm interested in continuing to work with them for as long as this creative patch lasts, they tend to come and go a lot as far as drawing and painting goes.

More artist features coming up later in the week.


  1. Lovely paintings =) Have you ever done any greyhounds? I may be biased (being a greyhound nut!) but I think their sleek lines & graceful (& at times not-so-graceful!) poses make stunning art ;-)

  2. I'm a big greyhound fan too. I'm not a great artist but I'd definitely give it a go (all ideas welcome). I'd be happy to sell it off for the retired greyhound trust too if it turned out alright.

  3. Awww I remember that horse!

  4. Thanks, Megan. It didn't turn out too bad in the end did it?


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