Saturday, 27 June 2009

Established Artist Cabootique

Okay so the really bad news first - I went to use my camera today and found the glass covering the LCD screen smashed. I've no idea how it happened; I'm extremely careful with my camera and it's been all over the world without incident. Luckily I've phoned the repair centre and they say it will take about 30mins and will cost £20.

So here's what I was planning to photograph before I found my camera damaged:

I made this sketchbook last night for a friend. It's not perfect by a long way but it isn't bad for a first attempt.

Thanks to everybody who has voted in the photography challenge so far. Please vote if you haven't done so already and enter a photograph into the next photography challenge 'Hidden'. Please remember that the idea is to enter a photograph that fits the theme or title 'Hidden' not necessarily a similar image to mine, it might be wildly different in fact!

We haven't had a featured artist yet this week so here we go: Established Artist Cabootique who makes great value jewellry.

How long have you been an etsy seller?

I joined Etsy in April 2008 and very slowly (and nervously) added items into my shop until I got more sure of myself as a crafter.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from wandering around vintage/thrift/antique stores, mostly. I love to buy falling apart vintage jewelry and clean the beads and use them for earrings, necklaces, etc.

How much time do you put into your shop on average weekly?

I'm getting better at balancing my crazy days, and all of my nights (seven days a week!) are devoted to creating, updating, and editing my shop. When I get a random day off (of my day job) during the week I spend every second I have on my shop!

What's your favorite item you're selling at the moment?

Right now I'd have to say my Strawberry Ice Cream earrings because they're fun, girly, and perfect for summer.

Tell us about three other etsy shops you love and why.

I love The Beady Eye. It's where I go to for all my supply needs! They have awesome supplies ranging from beautiful mixes of gemstone beads to funky head pins and other findings. Another huge plus is that they offer flat-rate shipping to Canada & the US which is perfect for stocking up!

I've never been one to spend tons of money on clothes, but everything I like seems to be out of the price range I'd prefer spending. That is, until I found Drop Dead Designs Suzanne makes beautiful, unique clothes ranging from summery tank tops to cute hoodies and everything in between! She offers free shipping to the US & Canada and most tops are $29! What a steal.

The last shop I'm currently obsessed with is Pink Quartz Minerals. It has a wide variety of make up products, and the owner is one of the sweetest and most helpful sellers I've dealt with! Everything (including applicators and brushes) is 100% vegan and Doree, the owner, is so helpful and will work with you to make sure you're getting the exact color and item that you're looking for!

What other interests do you have?

I love to paint, sew, bake, cook. I've gotten really into New Age stuff and crystal healing lately which I find fascinating!


  1. Thanks so much for the feature!

  2. Poor camera :(

    The sketchbook is really nice though!

  3. thanks, it wasn't too bad for a first attempt! The camera has gone to the camera hospital today but that makes twice in the last month - I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth it.


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