Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday always comes too late.

I want to start doing something a bit thought provoking for Sundays so I'm thinking it's a good opportunity to display some of my photographs, possibly without any text.  Those of you who follow my deviantart may have seen some of them before (sorry), I'll try to mix some new works in too.  I would also be interested in using my image to spark of a photo challenge of sorts, getting others to submit a link to a photograph they have taken on a similar theme.

This week we have an old favourite of mine:

'On The Other Hand'

To enter your photographic take on the theme 'on the other hand' please comment on this post with a link to your image. At the end of the week I'll open a poll to choose the winner, whose photographs I will do a feature on.

Quote of the day: 'I took an emotional inventory and realised I have some issues'


  1. I love that picture! Such a difference...its really a good one.

  2. I am transitioning from the hand on the right to the hand on the left, not always as smoothly as I'd like.

    Great photo!

  3. i like a challenge. i will think hard about this one and see if I can come up with something!

  4. OK, I took the challenge. Here's where to find my entry:

    Thanks! It was fun!

  5. Hi,

    This is my photo :
    Nature gave me its heart ;)



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