Monday, 8 June 2009

Oh no now I have to think of new titles!

I spent this morning undergoing possibly the single most humiliating experience of my life in the form of a 'Back to Work Session' at the DWP office.  I remember when I was in year 8 (about 12) at school and we had PSHE classes on finding work and interview techniques, those classes not skipped over the completely obvious stuff that was covered this morning; which can be summarised by 'you have to find a job. In order to find a job you have to look for a job', but actually taught me more useful things.  It was almost as insulting to my intelligence (and indeed anybody else's) as the woman who told me my CV couldn't possibly be good enough unless she looked at it and when I said the Cambridge University Careers Service had seen it and were impressed, she said they didn't know anything either.  

Sorry for the rant, I just despair rather.

Mondays are a time for new things so here's a little feature of a few newer items for sale in my etsy shop,  after which I will be using Monday's to show off new works.

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