Wednesday, 1 July 2009

'On the Other Hand' the results

And the winner is:by Amie McCracken of Iamalive on Etsy. Congratulations. I will be in touch shortly to arrange your prize.

Other entries with their artists as I didn't give you this information before:

By SouthernGirl of SouthernGirlFlorals on Etsy

by Dongedy of Dongedyframe on Etsy. This is my personal favourite of the entries if I'm aloud to say that.

by Jen of SedonaShots on Etsy

Well done and thank you to everybody who entered.

Please remember to get your entries in for the next photography challenge on the theme 'Hidden', we only have one entry so far so please post something even if you're not a photographer, you must have something to share. Can we please try to keep all the entries as replies to THAT post as it gets a bit confusing for me if they are all over the place.


  1. Congratulations on winning Amie!!!

  2. Thanks Southern Girl. It was quite a race!

    Thanks for having the contest Cat!

  3. :(
    Thanks a lot for your comment... Happily, you like my photo ! what a pleasure :)


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