Monday, 6 July 2009

Artist Feature - MaruMaru

Oops no photographs as promised today as I had a phone call asking me if I could change an appointment I had for Wednesday to today so I ended up having to go into the city in torrential rain! On the way back the bus driver went straight past my stop despite me pressing the button, standing by the door and asking the driver to stop (he ignored me) so by the time I'd walked the extra stop's worth home I was soaked through to the skin, literally.

Don't forget the photography challenge - I don't want to have to extend it again. Please enter a snap and get your friends to do the same.

I do have an artist feature for you though:

MaruMaru sells a lovely variety of vintage inspired jewellery in her Etsy store. Her work is very bright and beautiful so make sure you take a look at her store.

How long have you been an etsy seller?

I just had my 2nd Etsy anniversary last month and still going strong :)

Where do you get your inspiration?

I'm inspired by fantasies from when I was a child. I wanted everything to be in pink and blue like cotton candy, ride on a unicorn and eat ice cream all day long. My grandmother owns a very large land in Japan and made it into beautiful garden that is now a popular tourist attraction. I would spend my childhood in her garden looking at blue Hydrangeas wishing I could take it all back home with me. In my shop, you will see lots of flowers from rose cameos to Czech flower beads.

How much time do you put into your shop on average weekly?

All day everyday… or as much as I can. I'm on the computer a lot, so most of the time I'm trying to promote my items when I have time. I usually go through spurts of making items. I will make around 10 items in a day, and then wait another week or so to make new items.

What's your favorite item you're selling at the moment?

I absolutely love these earrings and they are very popular.

I like how at one angle they are a different color like an ocean blue, and at another angle they look pink and orange like a sunset.

Tell us about three other etsy shops you love and why.

I like this shop because her designs are gorgeous! I want to order this one in a poster size.

Another shop I love is this one

She has the pink and blues that I love and it reminds me of cotton candy or a fun birthday party :)

I also love cute pouches, so I've bought a couple items from her during Christmas

Pets? Family? Tell us about them.

I have a pet tuxedo cat named Neko. Neko means "cat" in Japanese. She's pretty lazy and only gets up to eat. She's an indoor cat and she's pretty fat, but fat cats are always the cutest! Her tummy mops the floor lol

Tell us about a typical day in your life?

When I'm not playing around in my jewelry supply box, I'm at the movies or drinking champagne!

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