Sunday, 5 July 2009

Party, county show, photography challenge and general update!

So I had a BBQ / Garden party thingy for my 21st birthday yesterday, which is why you haven't had an update for a few days (really busy organising etc.), my birthday isn't actually until Tuesday but in order to have friends from Cambridge and people with young children in attendance it seemed better to hold it at the weekend. All in all not a bad little event and everybody seemed to enjoy it. No photographs I'm afraid partly because I'm rubbish and partly because I was quite busy and didn't have a lot of time to take them. A friend stayed over and we had a polymer clay making session (or two) so there are some new dragons to show you once I've photographed them!

I spent Thursday at the Royal Norfolk Show, which is basically a HUGE agricultural show with lots of things for all the family to do as well as livestock judging, working dog displays and equestrian stuff. I was supposed to be working with the RSPCA in the doggy creche but I found the whole thing rather frustrating (the other volunteers were very enthusiastic but had little practical ability) and got far more out of the general networking I did. Through the show I should now have a dairy placement to add to the work experience list for vet school applications, a placement at a veterinary hospital in Norfolk and I made nice with the Seal and Raptor Trust people who also take in abandoned reptiles so I may do something with them at some point.

Please follow the link for more details of how to enter but basically take a photograph that you think fits the theme Hidden and post a link to it. If you can't post a link for any reason leave a message and I'll give you my email address to send it to.

That's it for now but photographs of clay thingies and an Artist Feature coming up tomorrow!

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  1. I painted the little clay Pannya yesterday and was going to take photos but my camera batteries were flat! So I will do so today :)


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