Friday, 10 July 2009

new clay items, photography challenge extension

okay so I haven't been about much recently - sorry. Torchwood on the BBC every evening this week is partly to blame. My birthday was Tuesday, I had quite a quiet day but I did go to a children's petting farm called Wroxham Barns in the afternoon and fed lots of cute things including the lambs, who are now very big and probably don't really need bottle feeding any more. In order to appreciate the true sadness of this birthday outing you must appreciate that I spent about two months of this year lambing (mostly paid) in various places around the country so it was a little pathetic to pay somebody for the privilege of feeding their sheep and generally getting soaked in a rain storm but it was better than sitting at home doing nothing and I enjoyed it more than I should probably admit.

I do have photographs of a few new polymer clay critters for you. Sorry for the slightly rubbish quality:

These will probably go on Etsy soon but please get in touch with me if you are interested in purchasing any of these in the meantime.

I need to sort something out about the photography challenge as so few people are entering - for now I will re-issue my pleas for people to enter no matter what level their photography.

The current photography challenge is 'Hidden'. Please submit any images that fit the theme 'hidden' to this thread. The rules are the same as last time. To enter your photographic take on the theme please comment on this post with a link to your image. Submissions will close at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 19th July after which I'll open a poll to choose the winner, whose photographs I will feature in my sidebar as I am currently featuring the last winner and I will send them something handmade by me - probably a little dragon.

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