Thursday, 28 May 2009

Today seems rather to have been one of those days but then I find any days where I have to contact the DWP are a bit like that.  I'm just  finishing off a commission, which is rather nice.  The gentleman ordered another dragon from me a week ago and has come back for another so I must be doing something right!  It is a design to fit a LoveLinks necklace based on this dragon.  It is still sticky with glaze at the moment so unfortunately I can't provide you with a photograph of the finished thing.

My mother and I watch 'Stargate' most evenings after my father has gone to bed as it falls under his ban on sci-fi so I shall have to love you and leave you all now to get my nightly dose in. 

I'm going to feature some 'undiscovered' artists in my next post as I empathise with the struggle to get started selling online and it seems like a fun way to make some new friends whilst promoting the work of other artists.  If you know of anybody who is just starting out please get in touch with a link to their/your gallery or store and if I like what you're creating I'll feature you.

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